The digital age has incredibly brought together all your stakeholders on to one platform presenting you with the biggest opportunity and challenge to transform your old business model and accelerate out of the economic downturn.

In order to realize the full benefits of new technology age, you need a committed, technically competent value service provider. One who understands your business thoroughly-- can deliver and manage your business solutions and risks.

Since 1995, GSSI INC has been providing a full complementary range of multi-disciplinary solutions through a 24x7 Global service model. GSSI INC leverages its extensive knowledge base garnered from a strong 500 + global workforce located in fourteen locations spread across five continents. The ability to respond to complex business challenges across industries and national boundaries has resulted in repeated customer delight. Our focus on industry sectors coupled with strong performances has convinced our clients of our value even in this slowdown.

GSSI INC has successfully gone through the learning curve of serving the global enterprise and today as a 50 million dollar company stands testimony to our clients' success